Success Stories

Prashant Rajora
weds Monika Rajora

Married on 2010-05-15

Thank You Brahaminparichay; this website provides me platform to meet my love Monika;ब्राह्मण समाज के लिए और मेरे लिए ये वेबसाइट वरदान साबित हुई !!

Yogendra Kanungo
weds Arti Kanungo

Married on 2013-01-17

Both of us registered to with not so great hopes to find a life-partner on the internet.Specially in Brahamin samaj. Yogendra saw my profile and expressed his interest. I liked his profile as he seemed to have the qualities I was looking for and therefore accepted it. After few days of our chat we decided to speak to our parents about the same and then our parents realized that we are very much attached to each other and wanted to grow older together. Then finally we got engaged on 8th April and our marriage is fixed on 1st Jan 2013.

weds Deepti

Married on 2013-05-25

I Deepti:
Really Grateful for this Site ; not only for me is worth full for all brahamin community.
thank you again!

weds Pooja

Married on 2013-12-05

We Kush and Pooja want to share our Lovely journey with brahaminparichay ; we found each other at this site and tide within 2 month. before this site i was waste lots of moneyon other site.
This is very good site for brahmin samaj.